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Jestor 1438 (Jestor)Jestor 1438 (Jestor) December 8, 2022
"The hot wings are incredible and freaking huge we got the extra hot and man they were great get extra ranch the pizza tasted amazing for my first time here it was actually pretty good 😍❤️ I well b back"
Victor Ferretiz November 22, 2022
"This pizza is very delicious, I like their thin, crispy, and a lot of cheese style. 🧀 All pizzas are very tasty and yummy."
Asia D. October 30, 2022
"Even if we made a last hour order they were pretty cool and shit was good as hell. They wings were good and just perfect. The service was very nice to and..."
Lacey Jackson September 22, 2022
"Great place and has good hours of business. Food is always wonderful!!"
James Drennen August 31, 2022
"Parking is relatively small but food is still good!"
Amanda_Da_Cat August 31, 2022
"Food was really good, not the fanciest place to sit but I'll definitely be back."