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John Whitehead March 27, 2023
"I live right up the street from them so I can walk here had a medium pizza with pepperoni and sausage it was very very good"
Jacob Evans March 15, 2023
"good pizza and they are open late"
Samuel Galvan March 10, 2023
"Great food, fast efficient service with a smile."
Hope Shelar March 8, 2023
"my cat pooki goes so absolutely feral for yall’s smoked chicken, she almost took my finger off when i gave her a piece. 10/10"
RACHEAL DURHAM February 28, 2023
"I don’t know why but this simple place is one of my FAVORITE pizza joints. It’s consistent and you always know what you’ll get"
Chris S February 10, 2023
"The royal treatment has been my favorite pizza (from any chain/franchise) for over 10 years now. Nobody does it as good, though plenty of places charge much more. Never had a bad experience ordering from here. The wings are pretty tasty too. I go for the Thai BBQ usually. Wish there were more locations or that they weren't such a long drive for me. Worth it when I'm in town though."