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TJ’s Pizza Wings N Things has such a long name because of our broad range of menu items in Denton, TX. These are some of the menu items we have, but the list is not exhaustive.

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Mesquite-Smoked Wings

Our mesquite-smoke wings are one of our most popular menu items. Our customers prefer it to the standard fried wings. They offer a healthy alternative and a unique taste you can grow to love. Our wings come in six-piece increments, and you can mix the seasonings with every count of six.

Popular Italian Dishes

Italian foods are our specialty as well. We have lasagna and spaghetti with different flavors and meat items for those who favor Italian meals. You can relax and have your dinner in our gorgeous restaurant or have us deliver the food to your home to enjoy. We offer friendly delivery services to our Denton residents so they can relax and have us cater to them.

15 Pizza Options

We don’t lack at all when it comes to our pizza options. Thus, you can order one of our 15 classic or exotic menu items. Tickle your tastebuds with a combination of topics or a variety of cheeses.

Subs and Sandwiches

We have an extensive menu of subs and sandwiches for your enjoyment. For example, our BBQ beef brisket is a succulent option if you like beef. Calzones are on our menu as well, and thus, you can request them with various filling choices. We also have an array of baked sandwiches we make to order for our guests. Ask us about our broad range of options, or request a custom sandwich if you have any other ideas.

Delicious Side Options

Everybody loves good breadsticks, and they’re just one of our many side options to complete your four-course meal. Stop by and try some of our breadsticks with or without a full meal.

Various Wing Seasoning Options

We understand that seasonings and sauces give wings their amazing flavor, and we’ve taken the time to create a variety of sauces for your enjoyment. Some of our wing seasonings include mild, hot, extra hot, and nuclear options. We also have honey barbecue, Tai barbecue, garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, and sweet and spicy. You can also order your wings with no seasoning if you prefer a more natural taste.

Chilled and Dry Desserts

You won’t ever have to forget your desserts if you choose to order from us. We have some popular dessert items, with our cold cheesecake slices at the top of the list.

Now you know you can have anything your heart and belly desire. Don’t wait another moment to get full of some amazing food. Contact us by phone at 940-383-3333 if you have any questions about our menu items, pricing, or seating. You can also stop by when you’re ready to have a fantastic time.