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Ellery webb November 3, 2023
"Best wings in Denton by far. I’m from Atlanta and my favorite wings are smoked. These are perfect. Also so happy anytime I can put artichokes or real link sausage as opposed to crumbles on my pizza. My parents owned a pizza place so I can be picky. My go to is Italian link sausage, artichoke, black olives, and Gorgonzola on their cheese pizza. Late night delivery is scarce and I’m happy I have my TJs."
Brandon Anguiano June 5, 2023
"Went for the first time for lunch on Saturday. I got the wings. They were very good. A lot better than wing stop IMO, they just didn't come with fries."
Candice Burcham May 21, 2023
"Maui waui!!!!"
Tyler Dickey May 3, 2023
"TJ's is hands down the best across the board! Their wings are amazing, the pizza and the cheese they use is so tasty and they are always consistently good. And the service is always exceptional. I recommend to all that I can!"
Juliana Chesser April 16, 2023
"Awesome wings & tomato goat cheese pesto pizza, their Thai BBQ was my fav of the wings & usually I prefer spicy. Their honey BBQ was also really good."
John Whitehead March 27, 2023
"I live right up the street from them so I can walk here had a medium pizza with pepperoni and sausage it was very very good"